A green and healthy Almere, that’s our goal.

Work with us on a city that is ready for the future.

Almere is a city of experiments. That’s good, because we stimulate the existing and new economy to test solutions to the challenges facing our city. But we won’t get there just by experimenting.

It is time for us to move further and make even more impact. Time to change our approach as well. We are going to work on a city that is ready for the future: a green and healthy city.

We believe in a proactive collaboration between government and businesses. That’s why we are starting to form coalitions that go beyond the exchange of words. Our strength lies in connecting parties and facilitating processes. That creates expectations and that is exactly the intention. Together we work on tangible and achievable ambitions and challenges and we come up with smart collaborations that make the city better. Do you already have an existing coalition? Awesome! Even then we are happy to help you.

The issues ahead of us are big. That’s why our approach must also be great. There is a desire on both sides to make a positive contribution, but where do we start?

We start by forming coalitions that go beyond the exchange of words.

A green and healthy city is a responsible city, built by people who believe that things must and can be done differently. We offer space to new and existing companies to further develop business cases that provide benefits for people and nature.

We have already thought about ten issues. A first step, because this program and this website are on the move. We will be adding and expanding new issues in the near future. Keep following us and don’t hesitate to contact us to stay informed.

Ten issues for a green and healthy Almere:

Sustainable design

Urban mining

How do we bring parties who work with residual flows to the drawing board with designers?

Get out what's already in there

Sharing Economy

What resources can businesses use to stimulate sustainable consumption?

Make it work


What economic benefits do we achieve by increasing biodiversity in public spaces?

From gray to green

Nature inclusivitity

Which industrial areas and business parks in Almere can be greened?

Waterproof plan

Water in the city

How do we use flooding as a solution to water shortages?

Let’s go outside

Social in green

How do we ensure that green contributes to a social and productive working environment?

Healthy ever after

Health in green

How do we use green to make the working environment healthier?

The solution will not fall from the sky

Particulate matter and CO2 reduction

How do we ensure that companies formulate a concrete and achievable objective that contributes to particulate matter and CO2 reduction in the city and beyond?

Blooming city

Attractive city

Which innovations show that sustainability also makes the city more attractive?

Speak up

Committed businesses

How do we activate businesses to make a difference themselves?

Do you have an issue or challenge and feel the need for sustainable cooperation?

Get in touch with us.

Visit one of our theme meetings


8 september

Business development: Sustainable Fashion


15 september

Building innovative and sustainable


22 september

Biodiverse business models


29 september

core session: Dredge as business model

Green and Healthy Almere is an initiative of the Municipality of Almere. Valerie Bos and Isis Weekenborg are associated with this project.

Valerie Bos
project manager and business developer
Isis Weekenborg
program maker and facilitator

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